Eneida is an interactive environment designed for creating and playing 3-D presentations.
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The modern science class is an application that allows not only for the observation of science phenomenons but also gives the user the ability to influence these phenomenons. By changing the parameters of a given object the user can observe the changing dependencies presented on boards and in form of graphs.
A 3-D virtual environment provides opportunities for conducting experiments that would not be possible in a school laboratory. Full interactivity of the application permits regulating any physical attribute such as size of the object, G-force, friction force, density, velocity and many more.

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Minimal system requirements: 1,5 ghz processor, 1 Gb ram memory, Directx 8.0 or higher graphics card (GeForce 3+, Radeon R200+), Windows Xp.
Please pay special attention to our system requirements. We suggest Windows XP enviroment.